About The Website

Welcome to Art Prints for Kidz! We carry original watercolor prints and many, many beautiful vintage prints from the early 1800's and 1900's.

Our watercolor prints are hand painted by our family artist and then reprinted for you. The prints are done on acid free and lignin free, 32 pound archival linen paper.

For our vintage prints, we searched for art from the late 1800's and early 1900's, cleaned the pieces and digitally restored their brilliant colors.  Below is an example of before-and-after for the print "In the Company of Fairies". When re-printing these vintage art pieces we use high quality acid free and lignin free 32 pound archival linen paper. They will arrive to you, ready for matting and framing, as will the watercolor prints.

About Our Staff

We would like to introduce you to the people that have made this website happen - US! We are a family, consisting of the original 'makers', Don and Michele, and our offspring. Well, one of our offspring, the techie among us, Alex. Alex is the one who puts up the artwork, figuring out how because he can, and we can't. Without Alex, there would be no website. He is the one who makes it all happen, and who puts the website together. So, many thanks go out to our son, for his fine work and dedication! Alex also has a family and is a great father to his three small daughters.

Alex's lovely wife, also a Michelle, but-with-two-LL's, is a busy Mom of the three small girls, and a special needs teacher. Michelle is full of contributing ideas and is a great photographer, so sometimes the Michele-with-one-L takes advantage of that. Michelle (you can tell the difference now, right?) has given Michele many photos of animals for her files, since Michele is the 'family artist'.

Don is the Dad, and Granddad, who finds the prints, acquires the prints, cleans them and restores the faded colors to beautiful, vibrant clarity. He then crops the prints, catalogs them so we know where they came from, and gets them ready for Michele and Alex. This can take hours and hours, and the man has patience!

Michele is the other Mom, and Grandma and the family artist. What started as one simple (!) gift for the first grandchild, has resulted in three books of alphabet animals painted in watercolors. And now those alphabet animals are being reprinted.

Michele has drawn as long as she can remember, and has painted for about 35 years. Right now, she works in watercolor, does pet portraits, and some decorative painting in acrylics. She has taken courses from local artists and the local art colleges but for the most part Michele is self-taught. Her work has been mainly for family who have always supported and encouraged her, so much so that she finally said "YES" to printing her work for this site.

We hope you enjoy your tour of the website, and find something that you just can't live without. Tell your family and friends, and show your kids. Have fun and let us know what you like and what you would like to see more of!

The Beesleys